Family Time: Food, Fellowship and Fun

Family Time
May 20, 2016

Family has always been a very central point in my life. As a kid, I would often choose to stay home and hang out with my family rather than go out with friends. My best friends all through school were my little sister and my big brother. Almost all of the trouble I got into involved at least one sibling or cousin.

When it was time to move on to another phase of my life, my mom, aunt, and grandma were my “wedding-in-a-box.” They were my decorators, caterers, DJ, photographer, florist, tailor, and baker.…


Grandma O’s Peanut Butter Bars

I was invited to a girls’ night last week and I wanted to bring a special treat. I always remember going to Grandma O’s house as a young child and having these delicious peanut butter bars. Grandma O always had the bars and oatmeal cookies (which you can find the recipe for the cookies here) readily available for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They really were a special treat for us kids. I wanted to share that little bit of my childhood with my new friends.…

May 17, 2016

Nettles…Not Just A Pesky Weed

Stinging Nettle
May 13, 2016

Today, we have a guest post by our mother! She gives us the rundown on the stinging nettle plant, which is at its most potent right now in the spring. If you plan to harvest your own nettles, now is a great time to do it. Also, be sure to wear gloves!

If you’ve ever brushed up against a nettles plant you probably consider it a very memorable experience! Some people think they are allergic to nettles.…


Tonsil Stones and Cryptic Tonsils

I know that you may have came across this article hoping for a natural cure for tonsil stones and cryptic tonsils. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that works! But I will share my story with you. Please share your’s as well.

Ever since I was in the 10th grade I remember getting sore throats, ear aches and having bad breath. It seemed that the three went hand-in-hand. So, I decided to investigate what was going on in my body.…

May 2, 2016