All Boy Doll

Being the mother of 2 girls and 1 boy I see my 6 year old son play with his fair share of dolls. It was really no surprise to me when he asked for his own American Girl doll for his birthday and Christmas. His reason? So he can play with his sisters. He also wanted to be able to dress the doll up to look like him. What he really wanted, was a boy doll. Those things are EXPENSIVE!

I’m a rather frugal person. I don’t like to spend more than I have to. On the other hand, I wanted to make my son happy! Instead of spending $100+ on a boy doll for my little man, I decided to spend $10 and put a little bit of time into making him a doll.

I found a Madame Alexander 18″ doll for $10 on a local for sale message board. Blonde hair and blue eyes…perfect!

IMG_1309 IMG_1310

We started off my removing her makeup. Nail polish remover worked excellent for this step.

Next step is what scared me the most–cutting the hair. I brushed through the horrible tangle of hair and wrapped the doll up in a plastic grocery bag (to prevent it from being covered in hair clippings). I took a deep breath and began to cut. I figured that if I screwed up on the hair I could just cut it all off and buy a wig for about $20. Luckily, I didn’t need to do that. I think “Joseph” turned out pretty well.


Joseph (or JoJo) has made one very happy boy! “He will go on many adventures and live a very long life,” according to his new friend.


Now onto making clothes for JoJo. Let the fun begin!

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