American Boy Doll Clothes

Last month I turned an 18″ girl doll into an 18″ BOY doll. My son was so very happy to have a “mini-me”. You can read the blog here. Since creating the boy doll I needed to make some clothes for JoJo.

I just wanted to share a great book that I found at a local sewing shop. The patterns are, of course, for girl dolls, but it’s very easy to make boy clothes by just purchasing boyish fabrics! Here’s the book from Amazon Love to Dress for Work & Play.

My son likes things such as hunting and fishing. Naturally, his doll needed a fishing outfit made out of camouflage fabric. I used the “Outdoor Adventurer” pattern from the doll clothes book to make this cute outfit.


Doesn’t he look cute?!

Also, Star Wars is a big hit in our family at the current time. My son insisted that JoJo have Star Wars pajamas. I don’t know where I got the pattern for the shirt and pajamas. The shirt has Velcro closure in the back to make it easy to get on and off. The pants are made from a cotton fabric with an elastic waste band. Here those are.


Other items on the to-do list include: camouflage apron, sleeping bag, pillow, suit with a tie, jeans, and basketball clothing.

My oldest daughter is also learning how to sew, so I will hopefully be able to post the pioneer dress with bonnet and apron that she is working on!

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