Bee Pollen for Healthy Living

I want to bring to your attention one of our favorite supplements.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is from honeybees. It contains about 40% protein along with other vitamins (such as B-complex and folic acid), minerals, carbohydrates, and lipids. About half of the proteins are free amino acids. Free form amino acids simply means that your body can easily digest it and use the vitamins, minerals, etc. I’ve read that bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients the human body requires.

There are many uses for this amazing supplement. Some say that it has helped with asthma and allergies. Others state that bee pollen has caused a clearer complexion and more energy. And more have even commented on how bee pollen has aided in digestive issues or boosted their immune systems. Yet another use is to help with infertility.

The reason we use bee pollen isn’t very common. I have yet to see it mentioned in any of my research on uses. When my sister was in 1st grade, she had horrible bladder infections. My mom decided to give her bee pollen to help with it (mom, can you please elaborate as to WHY you decided to go this route???). It worked!

Just last fall while we were living in a camper in my parents’ yard, our youngest (4 at the time) woke in the middle of the night screaming, insisting she must use the bathroom. She was burning up, and would scream in extreme pain when she tried to use the bathroom. I had no idea what could possibly be wrong since I had never experienced that before. I thought she was afraid of the toilet!!! She has been known to do weird things in her sleep. This went on for hours! She was lucky if she got 20 minutes of sleep before the screaming began again.

When morning arrived we went into my parents’ house and told my mother about the situation. She, being the experienced woman that she is, knew UTI. We ended up taking our daughter to urgent care and putting her on antibiotics. 

BUT NOW……anytime our daughter starts to complain of any pain in her stomach or any type of pain while peeing we immediately go for the bee pollen. She will take it for a couple of days on a spoon of pure, natural, raw honey. After she takes it for her few days she will be 100% again. We haven’t had to take her back to the doctor for any type of bladder issues since. 

It’s amazing how a honey bee can offer so much to us. God really is awesome! Just think of how he created those tiny little creatures, think of how we need them, think of what they do. It’s just amazing.


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