Brewing Hard Apple Cider Using a Mr. Beer Kit

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You saw us making homemade apple cider last fall (check it out here if you didn’t). The apple cider is really delicious, but we decided to see what else we can do with it.

When my daughter was out and about shopping a few weeks ago, she came across a Mr. Beer Hard Cider Home Brewing Kit and decided to buy it. We figured we’d give it a shot with what was in the box, and if it turns out maybe we’ll try it with some of our homemade apple cider.

The kit comes with a 2 gallon plastic keg with a tap, Mr. Beer Hard Cider concentrate, yeast, sanitizing solution, 8 1-liter plastic bottles with caps, and brewing instructions.

This video shows us going through the process of sanitizing the equipment and then diluting the hard cider concentrate back into a cider solution.

More videos will be coming to show how it turns out!


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