Bullet Journaling: An Outlet For My Obsession

Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.

Since I was a teenager I have had an attraction to stationery. My favorite aisle in a retail store is the office supplies. I buy journals but don’t actually write in them. I love lists and make them on all kinds of tablets and paper scraps scattered all over my house…until now.

In October, I stumbled upon Bullet Journaling. I watched the Bullet Journal video, and I immediately went to my journal stash to select a book to start in. I was hooked! This was exactly what I needed.

I have been keeping my Bullet Journal (affectionately called BuJo by the journaling community) for almost 2 months now. It is constantly evolving as I find what works for me personally, and I am looking forward to starting in a brand new journal to start off 2016.

Here are some regular features of my journal (pictures are intentionally distant because I am loath to share all of personal stuff right now):

Monthly Log

Monthly Log
December grid layout

I started off with a traditional monthly log, and found that I really missed seeing a calendar grid since that is what I am most accustomed to. I switched to a calendar grid and will continue with that.

Monthly Memories

Monthly Memories
Still working on filling this out

This is my first memories page, and it isn’t very full yet because I anticipate our family Christmas celebrations will take up most of the page. I LOVE this idea and the fact that it makes me think about what I want to remember each month. The reflection makes me realize how much I am actually enjoying my life rather than just living it.

Habit Tracker

Monthly Tracker
I can see where I need to improve

In December, I started tracking certain things that I either wasn’t doing constantly or that I just wanted to know how frequently I was doing it. I had read about Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity motivation technique referred to as “Don’t Break The Chain.” The habit tracker seemed like a perfect way to implement this method, and it has been working out beautifully.

Expenses Log

Expenses Log
Yes, I misspelled “Expenses” and added the “n” later. Mistakes happen.

I own a home-based web development business. At the end of each year when we do our taxes, I always wonder where all of my money went. I started tracking my expenses to see exactly where I was foolishly spending my money. I have found that I spend less when I know I will have to write it down and see where I spent it.

Gratitude Log

Gratitude Log
This is perhaps my favorite part of my journal

I have found the Gratitude Log has managed to change the way I view my life in less than a month. I didn’t even realize the things I was taking for granted! The first few days I struggled to find 3 things I was grateful for (very sad, I know). I am now able to pick out little things each day that make me realize how much I truly have. Sometimes, it is as simple as watching my kids during swim practice or having my grandma bring us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when she knows we have a few hours before we will eat supper.

Workout Log

Workout Log
This month, my workout alternated between Ultimate Fighting Fitness and CIZE.

I don’t like to do the same workout all the time. I don’t really like working out, so I get bored with routines fairly easily. I have found that I most enjoy martial arts and dance workouts. I plan out my workouts ahead of time, so I don’t have the excuse of not being able to decide what to do and just doing nothing.

My journal is also filled with pages containing my Daily Logs which is just my To-do list for each day (and sometimes it has notes or tidbits on things that I did that I might want to remember). I also have several other collections and lists, like TV shows I am watching, Life Goals, Money Challenges, and scriptures/quotes scattered throughout to help me remember what is important to me.

Daily Log
Some of my daily logs and a collection

I am hoping to start setting up my January journal this week because I am really optimistic that my loving husband got me a new Leuchttrum 1917 for Christmas. I gave him several very unsubtle hints that it is the top thing on my list.

The journaling supplies on my Christmas list consisted of:

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