Dehydrated Apple Chips

We have been blessed with a large amount of apples at our new home. We have at least 10 honey crisp apple trees and 4 trees with baking apples. Not wanting any of our produce to go to waste we had to come up with ideas for preserving these apples (have to preserve because nobody can eat that many apples before they go bad). Some of the ideas we have are applesauce, canned apple pie filling, and dehydrated apple chips. I will explain, with pictures, how we dehydrate our apples.

After we have picked our apples we must first wash them to get rid of any bird droppings or bugs that might be on them.

We then use our apple peeler corer slicer to do just that, peel-core-and slice. You can find one on Amazon HERE. My 7 year old really enjoys doing this job (so do men since it’s a fun gadget). 

I then cut the apples in half and place them on a try for the dehydrator. I use a dehydrator similar to this ONE.

Once all my trays are filled up I stack them together and start the dehydrator.

I turned it on around 4pm yesterday and turned it off at 8pm. I then let the dehydrator run for another 1-2 hours this morning to get the apples nice and crisp. I’m not sure how long the shelf life is for our apples…they never last more than an hour! My family eats these apple chips like they are candy!

I would say that a tray can hold 2-4 apples. My dehydrator has 4 trays that stack on top of each other. My apples were rather small and misshaped, so my amounts are going to be off. You will have to give it a try to know how many apples you can usually fit in your dehydrator.

Good luck and enjoy your healthy apple chips!

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