Egg Shells for Chickens

I have recently started feeding my chickens egg shells. Why do I do this? Simple. Egg shells contain large amounts of calcium. Chicken need calcium for producing eggs. Egg shells=eggs. 🙂 This is what I do to feed the egg shells to my chickens.

After I use an egg I will rinse the eggs out thoroughly. I place them onto a drying rack with paper towel underneath.

Once the shells are dry I throw them into a bucket (that I only use for egg shells). I will then smash them into small, bite size pieces.

After I smash the shells, I put them into a dish for the chickens to enjoy.
img_2097 img_2096

I’m hoping that this will help to prevent winter boredom in the coop. Along with the egg shells, I have given my chickens our left over pumpkins and given them a tire with sand in it. They seem to be happy so far!
The chickens have already started eating the pumpkins.img_2099
Chicken Little is enjoying a nice little dirt bath.

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