Family Fun

I love spending time with my family. After a busy day we usually find ourselves wrapped up in blankets, watching a movie. In my opinion, watching tv doesn’t really count as “quality” family time. It’s hard to think of fun activities to do as a family at the end of the day (or any time of day!). To make my life easier, and more enjoyable, I created our “Family Fun Night (or anytime)” box.


Inside this special box I have 4 categories. The categories are: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.


For each category I have selected fun activities that are appropriate for that season. I will go ahead and give you a list of all the cards in our “Family Fun Night” box. I can’t take credit for the creativity for all the cards, but some of them are original. The rest are a combination of ideas I found on Pinterest and from other families. I hope you can take some ideas from this and increase the quality family time in your life.

Here they are:

  1. Goals Night: write down our yearly goals and long term goals. EX. Places we want to visit, things we want, activities the kids would like to try.
  2. Plan Vacation: Have family sit down together to decide where to go for our family vacation. Look online at our options. (Pick from “goals night”.)
  3. Visit a Children’s Museum
  4. Make Bouncy Balls
  5. Glow-in-the-Dark:Play glow-in-the-dark games. *If in summer, put glow sticks in the pool.
  6. Leaf Pile Fun:Rake up leaves and jump in the pile. Have fun!
  7. Slime and Play-Doh
  8. Movie Theme Night: Pick a movie together. Make supper to go along with the theme of the movie. Dress to go with the theme. If possible, decorate the house.
  9. Snowman: Make a snowman, or two, or three…..or a whole family!
  10. Camping Inside:put up the tent. Grab your sleeping bags. Eat campfire food!
  11. Bowling: Make a night of bowling
  12. Christmas Lights: Tour lights around town. Come home to hot cocoa and cookies!
  13. Movie at Theater
  14. DIY Lego Challenge Games
  15. Build a Fort
  16. Rent a Movie
  17. Hide and Seek
  18. Board Games
  19. Card Games
  20. Minute to Win It Games
  21. Sledding Party
  22. Ice Fishing
  23. Snowmobiling
  24. Snowshoe Hiking
  25. Visit the Ice Caves
  26. Make Easter Eggs
  27. Go out for dessert!
  28. Play 20 questions (also a good game for long car rides)
  29. Human Version of Hungry Hippos
  30. Reading Night: read favorite books as a family. Or listen to audiobooks together.
  31. Swimming: at an indoor pool or water park
  32. Go out to eat: pick someplace you normally wouldn’t go
  33. Ride 4-Wheeler (my kids love this one!!)
  34. Sports Night-play sports that you enjoy as a family. This means get outside and play basketball, football, soccer, baseball….not video game sports!
  35. Bike ride: I just have to say that I’m really looking forward to this one. I just got a tandem bike attachment for my youngest to ride bike behind my bike. It should be very convenient for us!
  36. Picnic
  37. Drive-in Movie
  38. Mardi Gras (our local summer carnival)
  39. Hike: for us it would be going to The Devil’s KettleThe Felsenmeer, and other places in The Blue Hills.
  40. Go Camping
  41. Go to the County Fair
  42. Catfish Fishing: This is a real treat for the kids because we do this at dusk on summer nights. That means they get to stay up way past their bedtime. 🙂
  43. Go to the local Zoo
  44. Scavenger Hunt: Winner picks the dessert.
  45. Make Christmas Cookies
  46. Hunting: Go bird hunting as a family
  47. Deer Shining: Take a ride at night and shine for some deer. See if we can find any big bucks!
  48. Make Gingerbread House
  49. Carve Pumpkins


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