Freezing Avocados

Freezing Avocado

We eat a lot of breakfast shakes using avocados as the base, but avocados are expensive! Every once in a while, there is an amazing sale on avocados where we locally shop. When they are almost one fourth of their normal price, I stock up!

Putting over 2 dozen avocados in the refrigerator along with our other food is not easy to do, and I want to make sure they don’t go bad before I get around to using them. I decided that I would freeze them instead. This way, I could keep buying them while they are on sale.

I blend the avocados with some lemon juice to keep them from turning brown and then put them in muffin tins. Each shake that I make uses about a muffin cup amount of avocado anyway. This way, we have perfect serving sizes ready for shakes!

I can also use my little frozen muffin cup avocados for guacamole dip, sandwich spread or dressings. They would also be great for baby food (if I still had any babies). Additional uses could be hair treatments, body scrubs or to relieve sunburn (if summer ever comes back).

Chopped, sliced and whole avocados don’t freeze as well. Pureeing them seems to be the preferred way to store them. You should try to use your storehouse of frozen avocados within 4 to 5 months.

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