Fresh Apple Cider

Homestead Bootcamp

A couple weekends ago we invited one of our daughters and a couple grand kids over to try out the new Whizbang apple grinder and cider press that we just finished making. The basic instructions for both devices came from Planet Whizbang.

The apple grinder is made using half of a double sink and a garbage disposal connected to an open end PVC pipe. The stand is all made with metal scraps because my husband works at a metal fabrication shop.

The cider press is a combination of wood and metal. It doesn’t require any electricity to power it, so it is run with a hydraulic jack (and/or a scissors jack to make room for the hydraulic jack).

The apples all came from our other daughter who has several trees on her new homestead and brought us some extras to test our equipment. The result was DELICIOUS!!

We did end up canning all of the cider that we didn’t drink that weekend. The canning process is just heating the cider to the point of pasteurization and then sealing the jars. The taste was slightly changed due to the pasteurization process, but it is still delicious both chilled and heated for hot apple cider.

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