Freshly Ground Flour

A few years ago my husband bought me a Kitchenaid. I absolutely love it (and him)! Since then, we have bought a couple attachments for it that I have been very pleased with. Today I will share my experience with using the grain mill attachment.


Prior to purchasing the grain mill attachment I used my mother’s Champion grain mill. The flour that was made was a rather coarse whole wheat flour. I didn’t have a problem with it, but some might. I have found that the Kitchenaid grain mill is finer than the Champion. A few reviews that I had read before making the purchase have stated that the Kitchenaid grain mill isn’t fine enough flour, but if you read the instructions from the manufacturer you will find that you can make the flour finer by running it through the mill again. I haven’t tried this since I’m happy with the texture that the finest setting produces.


I have have been buying the wheat berries (which is what you place in the hopper, grind, and get wheat flour from) from Walmart. I use these wheat berries:


This is what the berries look like:


I store the berries in jars or in ice cream buckets. I don’t want any bugs to get in them!

I took a picture of my Kitchenaid working away for me. 🙂


After the wheat is ground I will store it in the refrigerator. If you grind large amounts at one time I would suggest storing it in the freezer. It will turn rancid if left at room temperature.

The process is very simple! There are many health benefits to using home-ground flour. I highly recommend the Kitchenaid grain mill attachment. I haven’t had any problems and the flour is the perfect texture for my family.

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