Goal Setting: How to Get Started

I love goals. I love thinking of them, breaking them down into smaller bits, writing them in lists, and achieving them. I love everything about goals! I also believe that one of the key components of completing goals is writing them down.

I recently had some family members tell me that they didn’t have any goals written down because they didn’t know where to start. That reminded me that several years ago I had put together a small workbook about organizing and setting goals. I made it with the idea of getting it out to members of my church. That was a goal I never actually wrote down, and it never happened. I finished the workbook, had one printed for myself, and that was it.

I looked back over it and found that younger me was pretty insightful, and I should have followed her advice and stuck with the ideas in the workbook. Instead, about three months ago, I pretty much started exactly where the book told me to (which I should have done 7 years ago).

So, I have decided to put the workbook here as a free PDF download. Here is what it goes over:

Start Small

This section goes over making a schedule. It talks about making a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. In my current journal, this would be my Habit Tracker, Monthly Log, and Daily Log.


Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts of goal planning. I get to write down anything and everything that I want to accomplish! My current journal just has a Short-Term Goals list at the moment. I wrote down several things I want to accomplish in the next few months. I have my Long-Term Goals and Bucket List in a separate book.

Short-Term Goals
Short-Term Goals

Picture It

Having an image of what success or a completed goal looks like to you is important. Sometimes that means finding or creating an actual image of the goal. Other times, it might mean writing down how you will know when that goal is completed-and be specific!


Goals change. Some goals change a lot, and others might remain the same for decades. Don’t think that just because you wrote it down you are required to do it. It is YOUR list and YOUR life…make changes when necessary.

Keep Track of Success

Writing all of your goals in the same place allows you to easily see what you have accomplished. Plus, checking a goal off as completed is just so satisfying.

Train Your Tongue

A positive attitude makes a huge difference on whether or not you actually accomplish your goals. Keeping a Gratitude Log will help you keep a positive mindset and make it easier to have a positive attitude.

Gratitude Log
Gratitude Log

Plan for the Future

Save! This is one area that I definitely wish I would have listened to my younger self. Time will get away from you if you let it, so start making a plan today to save for the future!

Savings/Debt Tracker
Savings/Debt Tracker

You can read more about the sections in my journal here.

Download the Write It Down workbook.

Have fun and plan on!

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