Hiving Our Honey Bees

Homestead Bootcamp

Our bees arrived, and the weather was finally nice enough to put them in our hives. This year we got the bees in a nuc rather than just a box that you dump in the hive. A nuc contains 5 frames that have some honey, and the bees have already started to establish themselves in it as a colony.

To hive them we had to remove 5 of our frames from our hive body and put the frames that come with the bees into the hive. Once that is done it is just a matter of waiting for the bees to situate themselves in their new home.

Due to an adverse reaction to bee stings, I opted to wear my bee suit since I was going to be disturbing the bees in their temporary home. My daughter was doing the videotaping, and the distance she chose to stand was apparently not far enough away for the bees liking. There are a couple of very interesting moments when she gets stung.


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