Housing New Baby Chicks

Homestead Bootcamp

We like to keep a rotating group of egg laying chickens to keep up the egg production. This spring we got a new batch of baby chicks to replace the older chickens that we plan to butcher this fall.

I bought 35 baby chicks from the local feed store. I was planning to keep 25 for myself and give ten to a friend. The friend was having second thoughts, so I am still not sure if I will be keeping 25 or 35 babies. I actually ended up with 36 because the feed store generally gives one or two extra in case one dies in the first couple days.

It isn’t warm enough for these little guys to be outside quite yet, so we are keeping them inside for a couple of weeks. The worst part of keeping the chicks inside is the smell. They do chirp a fair amount, but they aren’t really all that noisy. They sound quite loud in the video, but they will settle down over the next day or two. As soon as the nights warm up a little more these chicks will move into a chicken tractor.

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