Hunting for “Treasure”


Spring has sprung early for us in Wisconsin this year, and everyone is started to spend more time outdoors after being pretty cooped up during the winter months. The weather is beautiful, there are no mosquitoes (yet), and the trees are still bare enough that we can see where we are going in the woods. I have found that this is the perfect time of year to do some geocaching!

Geocaching is a game played all over the world. Containers are hidden in all sorts of places and their GPS coordinates are marked on a map. Players then use a GPS-enabled device to find the containers and sign their name! I find it to be very much like treasure hunting except that you don’t actually keep the discovered treasure.

There are geocaches hidden all over the world. They can be found in remote forests, fishing spots, landmarks, scenic outlooks, and in the middle of big cities. The idea is that a geocache is hidden in a location that would be of interest to see, so by looking for the geocache you are also going to an area that you will enjoy. We have discovered all sorts of interesting parks and trails in our area that we never knew existed (and I have lived in this area my entire life!).

If you are looking for a fun activity to do outdoors on your own or as a family, check out geocaching. It is something you can do around your area, on road trips, and even on vacation! Let this be your reason to spend some more time in the great outdoors. Maybe, we’ll see you on the trail!

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