Learning to Doodle with a Purpose: Sketchnotes

World Sketchnote Day

Yesterday, I learned about a way of note-taking called “sketchnotes.” I discovered it because January 11, 2016 was the first annual celebration of World Sketchnote Day. So, I spent a portion of my day doing some research on it.

My husband is a compulsive doodler. All of his church and conference notes are covered in doodles of all kinds. If I draw while listening, I usually don’t end up writing down anything of worth. And if I am writing down decent information I have no doodles of any kind. I do find that I can focus quite well while drawing, though. And I know that at least one of my kids listens better when they are coloring or drawing. Something about keeping their hands busy helps them stay focused.

After learning about sketchnotes, I have decided that maybe a combination of our family note-taking styles is the answer. It would definitely make me more likely to look at my notes!

The term “sketchnotes” was coined by Mike Rohde who wrote The Sketchnote Workbook. I stumbled across Sketchnote Army when I first discovered this fascinating form of expression.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and use what I learned as of yet, but I am planning to in the near future. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration to try something new in your life – be it a new style of taking notes or something completely different. Be creative and be yourself!

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