Natural Wart Removal: Results Picture!

If you read my post on Natural Wart Removal then you have probably been waiting for the pictures of my son’s foot…wart-free. I’m sorry that I didn’t track how long it took for the warts to leave…life got in the way. But I did get my son to hold his foot up to get a nice picture today.


You can still see where the warts were if you look close enough. If we were concerned about scarring we would apply coconut oil daily to help it heal. Since it’s on the bottom of his foot we’re not too concerned about scarring. 

The nice thing about using essential oils to remove warts is that the location where the wart lived doesn’t get infected. The essential oils are antibacterial and keep the opening nice and clean!

If you decide to use essential oils for wart removal, then please become educated on the oils you plan on using. Don’t just take my word! Read for yourself. I am in no way a medical doctor! 

Best of luck to you! Please do share before and after pictures of your natural remedies for wart removal.

Exodus 15:26, “I am the LORD who heals you.” 



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