Natural Wart Removal

Have you ever had to deal with plantar and Palmer warts? I would like to take the time to share my experiences with them. Please keep in mind that I am in NO way a doctor or physician. Nor do I have any medical training. I’m sharing what has worked for me!

When I was a child I remember having a Palmer wart on the palm of my hand. I’m the type of person who will pick at anything that is not supposed to be on my body. Since that wart was “not supposed to be on my body”, I asked my dad to cut the wart out. Being the awesome dad that he is, he got out a very sharp exacto knife and cut around the wart. Did it hurt? Yes! Did it bleed? Yes! Did he stop? No…I wanted it gone! My dad would cut deep around the wart to get to the root of the problem (literally). When he was deep enough he would then twist the wart to free it from my hand. Out would come the wart!

I do NOT recommend this method! Hahaha! It was, however, successful in removing the wart. It was just very painful. Now, I know where my high tolerance for pain has come from.

Since then, I have found a much better method for wart removal. A couple years ago, I was introduced to essential oils. Around the time that I was learning of this new (to me) product, my daughter started complaining of a bump on her hand. I soon realized that it was a Palmer wart. Instead of running for a sharp knife, I ran to the natural food store and picked up a bottle of oregano essential oil much like this.

After about 2 weeks of consistently putting the oil directly onto the wart, it was gone. The wart started to push out of the hand, turn black, and eventually fell out. It hasn’t been back since! I used the oil neat (which means without any carrier oil) on the wart only! The skin around the wart I protected with a carrier oil. After applying the oil, I would put a piece of a cotton ball on the wart and secure it with a band-aid. This was to make sure my daughter didn’t get the oil all over herself and everything else. It worked wonderfully!

Recently, about 2 months ago, my son was complaining about his foot hurting. Sure enough! There was a plantar wart on the heel of his foot. I started using the oregano oil, but soon ran out. I couldn’t find any oregano oil in the area that we moved to, so I had to improvise and use cinnamon oil. We are currently in the process of wart #1 dying and falling out. During this “treatment” we found wart #2 on the same heel. That one is starting to push it’s way to the surface of his skin. Here’s a picture of right now!


Wart #1 is on the top, with the black dots on it.
Wart #2 is below the top one and a little to the right. You can see that it’s a red bump at the moment.

I expect the same results from the cinnamon as we got from the oregano. Not much longer and he will be wart free! Yay!!!

I will try post an update of his heel when the warts are all out.

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