Handwriting in a Digital World

My kids hate writing. They complain every time they have a written assignment or if I ask them to write a letter to a family member, yet they love receiving handwritten mail.

It has become so easy and fast to just type everything or use voice memos to save information, but there is something special about writing by hand.

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that I am a compulsive list maker and have been keeping a bullet journal for the past 6 months (I had not realized it had been that long already!).…


Bee Pollen for Healthy Living

I want to bring to your attention one of our favorite supplements.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is from honeybees. It contains about 40% protein along with other vitamins (such as B-complex and folic acid), minerals, carbohydrates, and lipids. About half of the proteins are free amino acids. Free form amino acids simply means that your body can easily digest it and use the vitamins, minerals, etc. I’ve read that bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients the human body requires.…


Natural Wart Removal: Results Picture!

If you read my post on Natural Wart Removal then you have probably been waiting for the pictures of my son’s foot…wart-free. I’m sorry that I didn’t track how long it took for the warts to leave…life got in the way. But I did get my son to hold his foot up to get a nice picture today.


You can still see where the warts were if you look close enough. If we were concerned about scarring we would apply coconut oil daily to help it heal.…


Spring Planning for Another School Year

Spring is my homeschool planning time. We are in our final quarter of the school year, and I start looking ahead to the next school year. This is when I go through and list out everything I need to dig out of the garage and/or purchase, as well as, look over our calendar and plan our breaks for the upcoming year.

I like to get my curriculum order done in the spring or early summer (depending on when I have the funds available), so I have time to over everything, make copies if needed, and get the kids’ planners made.…


Eating an Elephant and Raising Children

You have probably heard the old adage about eating an elephant. It goes, “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is, “one bite at a time.”

While in actual practice this may only be partially true (since no matter how small the bites you cannot sit down and just continually eat that much food), this is a good life premise. 

I recently sat down and figured out the cost and materials needed to homeschool all 3 of my children for the next 8 years.…


Helping New Homeowners

Spring is upon us! For many spring is a time for cleaning, planting seeds, bicycling, running, or just getting outside. For some, such as myself, it’s a time for house hunting, selling/buying, and moving. If you’ve ever bought a home before, then you know that moving can be a mix of excitement and stress. If you have a family like mine, you know they are willing to help. But, what’s the best way for them to help, besides actually helping with moving boxes and furniture from one house to the next?…


Hunting for “Treasure”

Spring has sprung early for us in Wisconsin this year, and everyone is started to spend more time outdoors after being pretty cooped up during the winter months. The weather is beautiful, there are no mosquitoes (yet), and the trees are still bare enough that we can see where we are going in the woods. I have found that this is the perfect time of year to do some geocaching!

Geocaching is a game played all over the world.…


Dress for Success

Being a homeschooling/stay-at-home mom I find it hard to get the motivation to get out of my pajamas. It’s so easy to teach, clean, cook, lounge in my old t-shirt and yoga pants day in and day out. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who does this. However, I expect my kids to be dressed prior to school starting–do as I say, not as I do! Uh-oh!!! I have been convicted and am now ready to make a change, literally!…


Delight Yourself in The Lord

This will be a simple post today. This is something that has recently been brought to my attention. I hope that it will touch somebody else as much as it has touched me and my life!

Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I used to read this verse and expect my desires to be fulfilled. That’s what it says, right? I was joyful, taking delight in the life I was blessed with.…


Healthy Cough Syrup Recipe

It is nearing the end of winter, and many people are getting hit with the winter colds or flu this time of year. We don’t very often get a cough that goes through our house, but when it does it can keep the whole family awake at night with just one person coughing constantly.

Store bought cough syrup tastes terrible (unless it is loaded with fake chemical flavors), and who knows what is really in it!…