Technology, Kids, and Chores

Technology is great. It is also a part of our lives that is here to stay. I would like to keep my kids from playing iPod, iPad, my iPhone, the Wii, etc., BUT I know they need to learn how to operate those types of devices. That doesn’t mean that I have to allow them to play on them whenever they feel like it–or when they are “bored”. If my children want to play on electronics, then they have to first complete their list of chores.…

World Sketchnote Day

Learning to Doodle with a Purpose: Sketchnotes

Yesterday, I learned about a way of note-taking called “sketchnotes.” I discovered it because January 11, 2016 was the first annual celebration of World Sketchnote Day. So, I spent a portion of my day doing some research on it.

My husband is a compulsive doodler. All of his church and conference notes are covered in doodles of all kinds. If I draw while listening, I usually don’t end up writing down anything of worth. And if I am writing down decent information I have no doodles of any kind.…


All Boy Doll

Being the mother of 2 girls and 1 boy I see my 6 year old son play with his fair share of dolls. It was really no surprise to me when he asked for his own American Girl doll for his birthday and Christmas. His reason? So he can play with his sisters. He also wanted to be able to dress the doll up to look like him. What he really wanted, was a boy doll.…

Saving For A Rainy Day

Saving For A Rainy Day

Everybody needs money. That’s why they call it money. – “Mickey Bergman”, Heist

Every year as tax season starts peeking its head around the corner I look at my business financials and have the same thought, “Where on earth did I spend all of my hard earned money!?!”

This year, I am determined to know the answer to that before the year is done. With the help of my journals and my desire to constantly make lists, I have my financial goals for the year written down and I have a plan for saving some extra cash!…


Tools For Success: 30 Day Challenge

I have found a renewed energy to better myself and push myself to achieve new personal and professional goals since starting my Bullet Journal (you can read about that here). Part of this push has been from joining a Facebook group devoted to those that Bullet Journal. The group is filled with people all striving to be more organized and achieve their goals by using challenges. It is an amazing resource and also a huge motivation.…


My First Feel Better Friends Doll

I am an avid crocheter and am constantly looking for new ideas and patterns. Several months ago, I stumbled upon an organization called Feel Better Friends ( where volunteers crochet dolls┬áspecifically made for children battling illnesses. Each doll is hand-crafted to look like their intended recipient. I promptly added “Donate dolls for Feel Better Friends” to my short term goals list.

First, I joined a Facebook group for volunteers in training where I had to crochet a doll that looked similar to a child I know.…

Christmas Coupons

Counting Down Christmas With Coupons

A lot of people will say that Christmas is their favorite holiday. For me, it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, but it just isn’t my all-time favorite. Some years I struggle with getting myself into the Christmas spirit. I love giving gifts and spending time with family, but I don’t always feel “Christmas-y.”

I don’t want that to rub off on my children, so I work hard to make Christmas a great holiday for them.…

Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.

Bullet Journaling: An Outlet For My Obsession

Since I was a teenager I have had an attraction to stationery. My favorite aisle in a retail store is the office supplies. I buy journals but don’t actually write in them. I love lists and make them on all kinds of tablets and paper scraps scattered all over my house…until now.

In October, I stumbled upon Bullet Journaling. I watched the Bullet Journal video, and I immediately went to my journal stash to select a book to start in.…