Plumple Sauce

Along with all the many apple trees we have at our home we also have a plum tree that produced an abundant amount of plums. I turned some into jelly, canned some whole (probably won’t do that again), froze some, and made plum-applesauce (known in my house as plumple-sauce). I will share the recipe that I used to make our first batch. You will probably want to reduce the amount of water you use only because ours is a little runny. It’s also a little sour (hubby doesn’t really care for it, but the kids love it), but you could add sugar to the sauce prior to canning it, or you could add maple syrup to your bowl when you eat.

I started with 14 pounds of apples and 7 pounds of plums. Wash them up good.


Take the washed fruit and cut them up. Take the pits out of the plums.

img_1865 img_1867

Next I put them into pots and added about 2 cups of water to the apples and about 1 cup of water to the plums. (You will notice my pot with the apples is overflowing… not cook them like that!!! Divide the apples up and cook them down at different times if needed. They WILL BURN if you cook them down like my picture!) Like I mentioned earlier, I would reduce the amount of water (in the plums) when I make this again.

img_1866 img_1868

Bring to a boil and let them simmer for about 10-15 minutes (or until tender). It will smell heavenly in your kitchen for this!

Once you have let your fruit simmer you can then run it through a food processor. I have a Kitchenaid and the attachment for just this purpose.

img_1870 img_1871

Pack the sauce into hot, sanitized quart size canning jars. This recipe gave me 7 quarts and just a smidge more that we ate fresh! Place the lid and ring onto each jar.


You will then process the jars for 20 minutes in a hot water bath. I put an air bake pizza pan over the top of the pot, but it’s not necessary. It’s not on in the picture just so I could show you my jars in the pot.


Once the jars are done, set them on a towel on the counter. Check the seals when the jars have cooled. We unfortunately had one not seal. On the bright side we got to enjoy a quart of plumple-sauce the next day (we just put it in the fridge to eat later). Enjoy your homemade plumple-sauce.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop us a line. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have for what I can do with our many plums!

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