Saving Spinach Seeds

Homestead Bootcamp

In this video, I am showing how to save spinach seeds. You might be asking, “Why not just buy new seeds every year?” There are several reasons to save seeds.

Save Money
I realize that seeds are very inexpensive, but if you buy a lot of them it starts to add up. Saving your seeds may not save you a noticeable amount of money, but for some families every little bit helps.

Know What Works
We live in a plant hardiness zone where a lot of crops don’t do well because of our short growing season and extreme cold in the winters. If you find that your produce grew well, you might want to save those seeds and grow that again!

Be Prepared
It is possible that a catastrophe (natural or economic) could cause seeds to be unavailable when you need them. If you have your own stockpile of seeds, that you know grow in your area, you won’t have to worry about how to get seeds.

Stay Natural
There are a lot of hybrid seeds on the market. Some people prefer heirloom seeds rather than those that have been modified. Saving heirloom seeds allows you to give those seeds to others, as well.

No Waiting
Planting time is usually upon me before I realize it, and then I am scrambling to find a store that carries the seeds I want. With saved seeds, everything is waiting and ready as soon as I am!

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