Technology, Kids, and Chores

Technology is great. It is also a part of our lives that is here to stay. I would like to keep my kids from playing iPod, iPad, my iPhone, the Wii, etc., BUT I know they need to learn how to operate those types of devices. That doesn’t mean that I have to allow them to play on them whenever they feel like it–or when they are “bored”. If my children want to play on electronics, then they have to first complete their list of chores.

In my home, we all have chores. My youngest is 4, and even she has chores to do. The only person who doesn’t really have a set of chores to complete IN the home is my husband. He works out of the home to provide for us. He works 8-16 hours a day outside of the home so that the kids and I can stay home. He will help out when needed. He takes care of the maintenance of the vehicles, the lawn care, snow removal, takes out the garbage, and even helps make meals. We are very blessed to have him as the head of our house!

The chores my children have are not that complicated, but they are life skills. As of right now, the kids rotate the chores of washing dishes, mopping the floors, and vacuuming the living room. They also have chores that are specific to each of them, such as-feeding the dog, feeding the fish, making their beds, putting away their laundry, setting the table, and cleaning their room for 15 minutes.

I feel that one of the best chores the kids have to complete prior to playing on any electronics is 15 minutes of practicing their sport. The girls are in gymnastics and the boy is in basketball. My husband made a balance beam and practice bar in the basement for the girls to practice on. We also have 2 basketballs in the basement for the boy to practice ball handling skills with. The kids really enjoy going down there to practice…so that doesn’t even feel like a chore! Most of the time this “chore” ends up lasting for 30 minutes or more. It’s great exercise for the kids AND it’s helping them become better at their chosen sport.

After the kids have finished their chores they then have 15 minutes of electronics time. When their time is up I don’t hear complaining…because if I do, their time tomorrow will be cut down to 10 minutes of electronics….or 5 minutes…..or 0 minutes! (I know, I’m mean).

I feel it is my duty to teach my children how to be prepared for “the real world”. They need to know how to run a household, how to clean up after themselves, how to handle responsibilities! I feel I’m doing a pretty good job thus far.

What type of chores do you have your children do daily?

How do you handle technology/electronic devices in your family?

Let me leave you with this little illustration:


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