Tonsil Stones and Cryptic Tonsils

I know that you may have came across this article hoping for a natural cure for tonsil stones and cryptic tonsils. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that works! But I will share my story with you. Please share your’s as well.

Ever since I was in the 10th grade I remember getting sore throats, ear aches and having bad breath. It seemed that the three went hand-in-hand. So, I decided to investigate what was going on in my body. I opened my mouth, big and wide, and found white/yellow patches IN my tonsils. Being the curious person that I am, I grabbed a q-tip and began digging. What I pulled from my tonsils was the most foul smelling clump of nastiness I’ve ever seen or smelled. The white/yellow “puss balls” were firm and a greenish in color on the portion that was hiding inside the tonsils. I also learned that if you smash the “puss balls” you will smell death! DO NOT SMASH THEM!!!!!! I then began pressing on my tonsils like they were giant pimples. Out came more, and more, and more of those nasties. I then grabbed the hydrogen peroxide and rinsed my tonsils until I was certain that my mouth was finally clean.

I started to keep track of how often I got these “puss balls” in my tonsils. I soon learned that if I ate almonds, peanuts, popcorn, or even carrots I would start to get the infection in my tonsils again. I didn’t think I was allergic to any foods so I figured that the pieces of hard food would get caught in holes in the tonsils. After getting caught, the foods would ROT! YUCK!!!!!!!

This went on for years! Eat, get infected tonsils, clean them with q-tips and peroxide, and repeat. Not a fun thing to do.

Finally, in 2010, I had decided that I had enough! I had a sore throat all the time along with ear aches and swollen, painful lymph nodes in my neck. I seemed to have worse allergies than I had ever had before. Enough was enough!

After doing research, I had discovered that my tonsils were what is called cryptic tonsils. I had seen an ENT and he said that not only does food get caught in them, but also just dead cells will break down and cause infection. The doctor also said that unfortunately the tonsils wouldn’t have any affect on my ears or allergies. He suggested that I get those bad boys removed.

Since having my tonsils removed, I have not had any form of ear ache. I have only experienced mild allergies. I have only had a sore throat when I’ve had the common cold, which isn’t very often. Needless to say, I should have had my cryptic tonsils removed a long time ago, because since they’ve been gone I’ve been feeling awesome.

I’m not really for having body parts removed because I do feel that God put everything in our bodies for a reason, but I’m very thankful for getting my tonsils taken out.

That’s just my story of how I handled cryptic tonsils. I have noticed that my 6 year old son also has the same type of tonsils. They are usually inflamed, allergies try to affect him, and the occasional ear ache is present. Not to mention the bad breath that he has had and he also snores at night. He just might be following in my footprints…and soon be on his road to freedom from allergies and pain!

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